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Following is a brief synopsis of the novel:

          Synopsis – The Novel “Destiny” for Possible Film Treatment

“Destiny” is a sci-fi novel, on the fictional planet Barta in the Andromeda Galaxy, and also a recognizable metaphor for political and religious conditions on planet Earth. There are two hemispheres with Edenic settings on this world, populated by Ordo Majestus, the dominant land creatures.

Amalor in the Western Hemisphere is under absolute control of a depraved Supreme Leader, who is preparing to send a powerful army of frenzied fighters to demolish all who do not accept his version of religious thought. To drive his point home that there can be no questioning of his authority or any opposition, 60 innocents in Amalor are tortured and then put to death as supposed non-believers. Below the ruling religious and military class of men (the Merrin) are the general population, all women, and then slaves, all of them considered inferiors by the rulers.

Pretending he has divine guidance, the Supreme Leaders is poised to resolve the final problem separating the hemispheric thinking via an onslaught his followers perceive will deliver total victory by virtue of superior weapons and fierce warriors. The avowed Western intention, its “destiny,” is full annihilation of the enemy, except for those put into slavery and females for the males to misuse.

The intended victims, Romal in the East, have formed a defense confederacy of five distinct ethnic groups. But the East’s defending army is hopelessly outnumbered and initially possesses weapons far inferior to the West’s. For a long time the Eastern Hemisphere has relied on defense alone, which may no longer be capable of opposing the overwhelming advantages in the hands of the expected attackers. Victory for the invaders appears imminent to those who understand the circumstances. Allowing these attackers to succeed will amount to death, or subjugation and slavery for any survivors.

The West’s invasion planned for the beginning of the year (new “orbit”) proceeds on schedule, but the East learns of the planned invasion and responds via an unconventional alliance that includes internet specialists, high-technology manufacturers of non-personnel weapons, and military outsiders. The alliance keeps East’s political establishment partially in the dark because of: (1) politicians, who might thwart the alliance in the mistaken belief the threat has been averted through negotiations with the West; (2) known traitors and informers would alert the East to the alliance’s plans.

Prior to the expected invasion date, the East conducts a covert action to enlist the aid of Western slaves and females ready to revolt against the theological-militaristic Merrin dictators. As invasion day arrives, the East’s five ethnic groups, falsely reassured by deluded Romal politicians that no attack will come, are each celebrating the new orbit each according to their own custom. But the West does unleash its full military arsenal of aircraft, warships, and dedicated warriors, confident they will easily penetrate the East’s defensive shields and gain quick victory.

However, the East’s intelligence-gathering machine and military build-up has prepared them well, and they meet the invaders with robotic airplanes, tanks, water craft and land robots. The Western invaders are shocked to discover that the East’s electronic defense shields are much stronger than expected. Only one-third of their warriors get through to attack, and they are easily repulsed by the East’s extensive array of non-personnel weapons. The East further stymies their invaders by altering and scrambling their communications, thus preventing any change in tactics. The East’s superior weapons and communications apparatus wins the day and destroys the West’s military. The East’s ineffective president is first outraged for being kept in the dark, but quickly jumps in front of the victorious parade.

Simultaneously, the East’s Assassin Squad, aided by subjugated Western slaves and females, destroy the West’s Command Center and eliminate the theological and military leaders, except for one designated to be the new puppet ruler. The underground Western females take to the street to take over the communication system, and the slaves interrupt the entire food supply .

The East achieves victory and the West begins to pick up the pieces, reorganizing and reforming Amalor via: A new constitution; a correct interpretation of the West’s religious beliefs; and a new Senate with representation by the formerly held-down females and slaves. However, all may not be well, as one of the Merrin military leaders escapes assassination and goes underground to plan a comeback.

We believe “Destiny” provides the basis for excellent film treatment with: (1) recognizable Earth groups and philosophies; (2) well-defined characters and settings; (3) action and intrigues; (4) extensive research into technology incorporated in the novel; (5) currently available computer animation to lend visual interest and excitement.  The second edition of “Destiny” is now in progress, with some plot changes, most importantly Amalor’s discovery and attempted interruption of Romal’s defense shield development.  And we are agreeable to a further rewrite to transform the novel into a filmable script. Also, a number of possible sequels are being considered which could provide the basis for a series, e.g., “The Chronicles of Barta.”

Charles C. Poirier, Author              Patrick L. Flannery, Illustrator                 July 6, 2013

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